unitingchurch hosting

This website is the home of unitingchurch hosting. It exists to offer online services within the Uniting Church in Australia. It contains information on how to create and access those services.
To access the websites of the national (assembly) and state (synod) expressions of the Uniting Church in Australia then click  here.
unitingchurch.org.au is a set of online services available at no or low cost to members of and agencies with the Uniting Church in Australia.
If you would like to use these services please contact me.
Please note that, to contain costs, contact and support for these services is only provided via email through admin @ unitingchurch . org . au.

our plan

To support the mission and ministry of the Uniting Church in Australia through the provision of supported domain name, website,  blogging, and email hosting services for congregations, agencies and associated groups, at no or low charge.

what is offered?

I am offering no cost and low cost web, mail and domain name hosting to individuals, groups, agencies, congregations and organisations within the life of the Uniting Church in Australia.
I’ve been doing this for over 20 years (I started offering services in February 1997) and have provided a consistent, reliable and responsive service over that time.
Web –  apache with  nginx proxy
Mail –  postfix
Control Panel –  Plesk. This gives the user control of mail, web, database, ftp, dns and other hosting services as well as domain name provisioning.I work to provide the resources you need for your own user case. If you have special requirements then let me know.
This environment is optimised for modern content management systems like WordPress.I can provide, depending on my availability, some assistance in doing the initial domain configuration and CMS setup for those who are just starting out.If you need further advice on this or have questions about your specific needs then contact me and we can talk it through.